My name is Carl Joshua Ncube and I am the team leader and CEO of Victoria Falls 365. Our mission is simple, to capture every single facet of what you can do when you are in Victoria Falls. The next phase is putting together some awesome experiences with the knowledge we have that can add value to what you are doing when you are in Zimbabwe. The next phase is to consolidate and distribute all our content as far and as wide as possible getting more influence on the decisions people make when coming to Africa. This is such an amazing project personally for me as I get to combine all the things I love to do such as design, web development, product development, stand up comedy, culinary arts, animation, strategy and consultancy to create what will become the authority on everything you need to know about Victoria Falls. This is not a competitive product with anything out there but in fact a complimentary part to the marketing of Victoria Falls to the world and to Zimbabweans at large.